Types Of Buttock Augmentation Surgeries

Nowadays, more and more people, men and women, seek to reshape their figure through plastic surgery; the gluteal area is one of the most attractive since it helps to stylize the figure. The current fashion is to wear a big, toned, and strong butt, and we can see many examples of famous figures which have increased their buttocks and look spectacular.


Buttock augmentation with silicone implants is known as gluteoplasty, which is performed to improve the contour and projection of the buttock, increasing its volume. This surgery is performed in a plane located between the muscles, with which satisfactory results can be achieved since the buttock looks natural; in addition, the incisions are made between both buttocks, so the scar is not noticeable, even without clothes.

Occasionally, gluteoplasty is accompanied by liposuction or liposculpture, since it is necessary to eliminate the accumulation of fat that causes the buttock to lose its figure and look unsightly; when the surgeon performs liposculpture, the fat accumulated in the upper buttock area, but also in the hip, waist, inner legs and thighs can be eliminated, in this way, the results will be much better and more stylized.

For gluteoplasty, general anesthesia is required so that the patient’s muscles are completely relaxed and the implants can be inserted easily, overnight hospitalization is recommended, no drains are placed, and the recovery time is up to two weeks.

Buttock implants are made with cohesive silicone gel since they have greater resistance than those used for the breasts, since the back area makes more effort when walking, running, jumping and even sitting, so implants are required that support the area. We find oval and around implants, which we must choose based on the natural shape of the buttock or the shape given to it by surgery.

For larger, rounder buttocks, round implants are recommended, which project the curves of the buttock, while oval implants are recommended for very thin people with a flat or saggy butt.

Fat injections for buttock augmentation

The fat injection consists of removing body fat from unwanted areas of the patient himself, for example, the abdomen, back, thighs, or arms by means of liposuction, to later separate and process the fat to reinsert it into the buttocks of the patient.

This technique has two benefits: on the one hand, localized fat can be removed in problematic parts that cause aesthetic problems for the patient, and on the other, the excess fat can be reinserted in the buttock; however, the surgeon must be an expert in this matter, since he must sculpt the areas where the fat was removed and also shape the buttock to make it more round, voluminous and aesthetic.

On some occasions, cases of pseudo surgeons have been reported, who inject other materials that are not sterile or recommended for the body, so we should only go to recognized surgeons, with a professional license, adequate facilities, who offer friendly treatment and explain to their patients truthfully the possible results they will achieve and the materials that will be used for buttock augmentation. When non-recommended materials or substances are used, serious damage is caused to the patient’s tissues and health.

Choosing the technique to increase the size of the buttocks must be done based on the needs of each patient, taking into account their physical features and other aspects; for example, there are people who want to reduce fat on the butt, improve or change its contour or rejuvenate the skin.