Myths Of Plastic Surgeries That You Should Know

In relation to the procedures, there are many myths that distort the true essence of surgery, in addition to generating disinformation that can reach to be counterproductive.

‘Liposuction Slim’

The premise is false because this procedure, although it helps to eliminate the excesses of localized fat in some parts of the body, by itself does not condition a weight loss, since if habits are not changed, or a diet is not oriented specific and an exercise routine, the results obtained in the procedure in a short time will lose their effect

‘Breast surgeries affect breastfeeding and make it harder to detect cancer.’

There is no evidence to support this. Surgical techniques, as well as the shapes and materials of breast prostheses, allow that after an augmentation or reduction procedure, there are no alterations in function such as the mammary gland, nor limitations for diagnostic tests.

‘Plastic surgery allows copying traits of other people’

This is an unsupported fantasy. It must be assumed that the structure and shape of the bones, the condition of the muscles, cartilage, and other tissues of the face are determined by genetic factors that, although they allow some improvements in the tissues, determine that the features cannot be modified in any way dramatically. Pretending to copy another person’s image with procedures is impossible, and trying to do so promotes irreparable damage.

Vitamin C increases and improves the structure of the buttocks’

It is increasingly common to hear these kinds of false offers. The truth is that vitamin C is a component that dissolves in water and is used by the body to help in some functions such as the manufacture of collagen, but by itself, it does not guarantee volume increase in any part of the body. It has been found that in some cases, biopolymers are applied instead of vitamin C, which puts the health and structure of the tissues at risk. Vitamin C that the body does not use does not accumulate and is excreted in the urine. Hence, to think that it stays in the buttocks is completely false.

 ‘Facial fillers deform the face.’

False. When good quality products are used with the corresponding sanitary registers, and the procedures are carried out by qualified professionals, good results are obtained. Deformities or tissue alterations are mostly produced by fraudulent substances applied by inexperienced persons.

 ‘Plastic surgery prevents aging.’

This idea is completely wrong. There are no preventive, cosmetic plastic surgeries. In fact, facial rejuvenation plastic surgeries are performed to treat the signs of aging, and there is no way this can be avoided. What is obtained through well-performed procedures is to mitigate the signs of aging, but the advance of the years is inexorable.

‘Cosmetic surgeries leave scars’

The goal is that aesthetic procedures do not leave specific marks since most cuts and sutures are made in such a way that when removing the stitches, the marks are practically imperceptible. The cut and suture lines are always oriented in the same direction of wrinkles and skin folds so that they can be closed with specific materials that allow practically invisible results.